C3 Security Inc. has developed next generation cyber security automation in the form of advanced investigative analysis – more commonly referred to as Threat Hunting.

Our technology was built to emulate the data breach incident response methodologies by automating the workflows performed in advanced forensic analysis during large scale data breaches. We take the top tier incident responder and bringing it to you as intelligent automated C3 Threat Hunting Services.

While other threat hunting companies are still manually driven by analysts investigating alerts, we have cutting edge technology that dynamically investigates every alert for a full incident triage containing:

  • Analysis Audit Trail
  • Extracted IOC Listings
  • Alert Activity Timeline
  • Source Evidence Package
  • Dynamic Reporting Updates

C3 Security partners with top security providers and firms to integrate the best technologies and intelligence into a single hunting solution. We accept any type of data source log to be used during analysis, and any existing security solution has its value amplified by leveraging detected security alerts to initiate investigative analysis.

Threat Hunting Services

Partnered with Leading Providers...

C3 Threat Hunting integrates and enhances Palo Alto, Fidelis XPS, and Carbon Black Threat hunting...

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O365 Threat Hunting

Installed within Minutes...

O365 Threat hunting allows your business to be protected in real time with the single click..

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Data Source Agnostic

Unmatched Visibility...

C3 platform will investigate logs from any device, applicance, workstation, network, or application using machine learning and automated algorithms.

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Incident Response Services

Delivering Results within Minutes...

C3 experts and technology will start giving insights within minutes of an incident or breach...

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SOC Augmentation

Focus on delivering value...

C3's industry leaders will protect and monitor your data while you continue to focus on your customers...

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