C3 Orchestration Platform brings intelligence to the Security Operations Center by automating the analyst workflows. We do this by cloning the rock stars of the incident response community and extracting their knowledge and expertise into a deep learning engine that automates the investigation.

Security orchestration enhances the analyst's ability to respond to threats by reducing response time, increasing accuracy, and amplify overall productivity 10x. C3 Orchestration Platform utilizes existing SIEM data to feed into our engine and auto-generate threat reports in real-time.

Empower Your SOC

Increased productivity with fewer Resources...

C3 Orchestration platform offers a stand along or integrated solution that allows you to streamline your operations and focus on management and prevention.

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Data Source Agnostic

Unmatched Visibility...

C3 Orchestration platform will investigate logs from any device, applicance, workstation, network, or application using machine learning and automated algorithms.

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Workflow Automation

Build Once, Run Continuously...

C3 Orchestration platform provides an easy and intuitive builder to allow analysts to automate investigations and filter out the noise.

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SIEM Enhancement

Increase your ROI...

C3 Orchestration platforms versatile architecture was developed to enhance your existing SIEM and achieve a greater return on existing investments.

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Seamless Integration

Identify, Alert, Orchestrate...

C3 Orchestration platform leverages to dozens of APIs to allow analysts and MSSPs the ability to integrate into any existing process workflow.

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