C3's Orchestration Platform is designed for quick and easy integration with any existing central logging solution to work seamlessly with current business processes by augmenting the Security Operations Center (SOC). The solution integrates with the SIEM, either on site or in the cloud, and it ties itself into the issue management platform using APIs to generate detailed threat reports that have tracked down hacker or malicious actor activities in real time.

Know Yourself

  • Anomaly Based Detection
  • Predictive Behavioral Analytics
  • Environment Baseline Techniques

"Know what's right in order to determine what's wrong"

Know Your Enemy

  • Investigative Machine Learning
  • Top Breach Responder Prorprietary Algorithms
  • Hacker Tracking Across Threat Intelligence Networks

"The alert is only the first step into realizing the threat"

Know Your Environment

  • Full-Scope Log Analysis Capabilities
  • Agnostic Log Ingestion Platform
  • Leaving No Stone Unturned

"You can't stop what you can't see"

Know Your Allies

  • Automating Top Talent Workflows
  • Streamlined Reporting & Response
  • Dynamic Investigations & Audit Trails

"Automate Tier I & Tier II to focus on Tier III threat response"

Orchestration Platform Workflow